Project Description

I was happy to be contacted by the German Magazine Reisen exlusive for the realization of 4 illustrations for their online magazine.



I created 4 illustrations connected to the german article“My ship – but which exactly?”.

The purpose of the illustrations was to entertain the reader during the lecture with some funky and extravagant feelings.

The theme was about “how to chose your ideal cruise” based on different parameters such language, costs, food or crazy activities.


In the beginning, I just sketched down very roughly the idea.

In this case, I was imagining a boat full of activities, and in order to emphasize it, I just made them unrealistically bigger.


After several drawings and sketches, the idea took the shape of the final results.

Some visual reference has been taken in order to have the right poses or movemenst.

Shadows, textures and other small details were the final touches to create a better sense of space and deepness.

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My name is Riccardo Russomanno, an Italian visual artist freelance living in Amsterdam. Other than animations, illustrations, and lettering, I do art to promote mental health, kindness, personal and spiritual development.

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